Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chapter One: You're my Best Friend, Best Friend With Benefits

Meet Lacey and Owen Harper, newlyweds and in a new town. They moved to Riverview from across the mountains in Twinbrook because really, they both hated the swamps they grew up in. It was a fresh start for both of them, and with their pooled money were able to get a slightly better than starting house. Of course, that left them with barely enough money for groceries and the cheap breaks if you look at it wrong computer, but at least it was a roof over their heads.

Lacey's first thoughts as they looked around the new house as to immediately stock the fridge. She was a born cook. Which was good for Owen who really could live out of a take out box as long as he didn't have to cook. So while she was off running the errands, he sat down at the computer and looked at job postings. There wasn't a lot to be offered for the young genius, but there was an opening at the Corporate Towers for...Oh god his wife was going to give him no amount of teasing about it. Coffee boy.

"I'm home," Lacey called as she walked through the door. She started to put away the groceries, idly wondering who Owen could be talking to snce they didn't know anyone in town, and she didn't see anyone's cars in the driveway, so her parents hadn't come to visit. She went upstairs, an paused in the doorway to the spare room. "You know," she said with a smirk as she leaned in the doorway, "talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity."

"I'm not talking to myself." He said, turning quickly. "I was...uh...practicing."

"Practicing what, exactly? Did you get a job as an actor or something?"

"Uhm, no, in Business."

" aren't exactly a people person, Owen." She pointed out.

"Hence the practicing."

While Owen continued to talk own his reflection, Lacey scanned the papers for some kind of job, knowing that Owen's meager paycheck wasn't going to cut it. She quickly found one she was eager to do. In home Daycare. She loved kids, hell, they both did, and having a bunch of little tykes running around the house was just her cup of tea. She had just gotten off the phone to register her home in the program when the doorbell rang.

Some of their neighbors had dropped in, having seen the couple moving their boxes in earlier in the day. Lacey introduced herself to Elaine, Nellie and Meadow. While Elaine talked to Lacey about Riverview, and learning about Lacey's hometown of Twinbrook...

Owen found himself witness to one of Meadow's outbursts. It turns out the young woman was a bit unhinged.

Owen wasn't exactly sure what she was implying by wanting to rip his clothes off like a bandaid to see if he was scabby....

But he made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with that of any kind. After all, he was a married man. And while Lacey could be...eccentric at times, she was at least not that completely insane.

Owen hurries back inside away from Meadow as she starts having a conversation with herself. He instead started chatting with the much more stable Elaine, as he discussed his hopes of adding a pool once they had the money. Elaine listens intently, while Lacey and Nellie enthusiastically discuss cooking. "Those two will be at for a while," Owen chuckled. "If there's one thing Lacey loves to do, it's cook."

"So I've gathered." Elaine chuckled.

"Cooking's a good idea." Lacey said, starting to head towards the kitchen when Owen grabbed her by the arm and pulled her towards the bathroom with a smirk.

"Owen is now really the time?" Lacey laughed. "We do have company."

Seemed like it was the perfect time. Fortunately all the guests were busy talking or being nosy, so no one walked in on the couple.

"So how did you meet Lacey?" Elaine asked as she and Owen sat down at the picnic table, eating the salad Lacey had whipped up after they emerged fifteen minutes later.

"Grew up together in Twinbrook. We've lived literally two houses down from each other our whole lives. Started dating in high school, I asked her to marry me at our graduation, the rest is history." He said with a shrug.

"That is so sweet." She said.

"So we've been told." Seems like the common response anyone asked how they met. One of these days one of them was going to just say their parents changed their diapers together and see what they thought of that.

Later that night after their neighbors finally left, the couple sat reading. Owen was checking out the latest mystery while Lacey scoured a cookbook for new ideas. "So, you haven't told me exactly what you're going to be doing at the office."

"It's not important," Owen said, hoping that Lacey would drop it.

"Which means you are horribly embarrassed by it. So come on, tell me, what are you going to be doing?"

"Did I hear you telling Nellie over dinner that you're starting a daycare from the house?" He asked instead, changing the subject.

"Yes, I am. You know me I love kids. Hell, you love kids. Might as well have them running around all the time." She smirked at him. "Now stop changing the subject."

He sighed, should have known that trick wasn't going to work. "All right, All right. Coffee boy."

She looked up from her book to stare at him, before laughing hysterically. "Ohh, you are never allowed to call Ianto teaboy again, Owen."

"Can we leave your step father out of this?"

They went to bed late, knowing their schedules would eventually have to change. They weren't kids anymore, they had real jobs now. Jobs that required they be up and functional before two in the afternoon. Lacey smiled in her sleep, dreaming about the new house and new life as Owen curled around her.

Of course, Lacey didn't sleep long. In fact, just a few hours after falling asleep, she found herself in the bathroom, throwing up dinner. With a groan she stood up, heading to the sink to brush her teeth and rinse her mouth out. Owen stumbled in. "Honey? Are you all right?"

"Yeah," she said around the toothbrush. "I'm fine, dinner didn't set right with me, that's all. Go back to bed. Six comes early." She smiled as he walked over and kissed her cheek before heading back to the bedroom. The smile fell when he left. She really hoped that it was just dinner not settling well.

Author's Notes:

Ok, third time's the charm right? After computer implosion and the new one set up, I decided to start a new legacy, and caved, giving in and playing one of my favorite families. The Harpers. For those of you wondering. Yes, he is supposed to THAT Owen Harper from Torchwood. This is based on an RP where he ends up with an OC(mine) That is Jack Harkness's daughter and the Doctor's half sister(Yes, yes, Mary sue, scramble the record, I know she is, doesn't make me love her any less). There will be plenty of jokes about the Torchwood team, as already mentioned Ianto. Also expect some Doctor Who characters to make cameos as I intend on sticking some of them into my game.

As to the actual Legacy The roll is Couple, three kids, second is heir, Primary Business(Owen) Secondary Daycare(Lacey, Duh) Generation GOal is AWESOME, which I already have plans for, and Misc Fun is Homemade, which of course, made them a perfect couple for this roll.

Owen's traits are Charismatic, Genius, Family Oriented, Hopeless Romantic, and Grumpy. Lacey's traits are Natural Cook, Nurturing, Family Oriented, Genius, and Bookworm. Owen's LTW is CEO of MegaCorporation, and Lacey's is to be a Culinary Librarian.


  1. This Owen doesn't end up a zombie, right? Seeing that once was enough.

  2. No...No Zombie Owen. Though he does have tendency to end up as a vampire from time to time, not in this legacy though. I agree one Zombie Owen is enough lol

  3. Jack Harkness' daughter & the Doctor's half-sister? I'm very intrigued!

  4. I've never seen Doctor Who (I honestly don't own a working television, lol), so I won't understand the references, but great start on your legacy! I laughed when they hit the shower together with guests still around. Typical newlyweds, lol.