Monday, August 15, 2011

Chapter Three: A crack in the smile, but she's always in style


Lacey didn't wake up until after Owen had left for work. She quietly stretched before heading into their bathroom and running the tub. She leaned back and stared off into space. Owen was so sure they would make it, but would they? Where would the baby sleep? Sure they had a spare room, but it was more of a guest room than a child's room. They didn't even own a crib. She didn't know about the extra money from watching Hunter late. She remembered one of their neighbors asking about their car, and she decided they could take cabs, or walk. She called the neighbor and told them they'd be willing to sell the car.

After dealing with selling their car--it was beat up old lemon anyways--Lacey finished her breakfast and straightened the house for the kids. She was thankful at least that their child would at least have toys and friends to play with while growing up, but it didn't ease her fears any less. She and Owen were barely more than kids themselves, literally moving here after graduation. Her parents had told her they could stay with them til they got on their feet, but Lacey was a stubborn independent one and insisted on living on her own. She regretted that decision now.

Dimitri went straight for the dollhouse. It seemed though that Hunter was having some separation anxiety as he sat by the door crying for his momma. Lacey ended up spending much of her morning balancing Hunter on her hip trying to calm the boy. Course she also had the kicking baby on the inside driving her crazy too. Her back was going to hate her later.

Once Hunter had calmed down enough to take a bottle, she took Dimitri to the small potty chair they'd set up. Having the toddlers be able to go potty on their own meant that was one less thing she would be focusing on as she got bigger.

As she waited for Dimitri to finish, she thought about about all the things they'd need to get for the little one. The crib, definitely, possibly a stuffed toy if they could afford one. She also really really wanted a back massage. It felt like the little guy was resting all his weight on her spine!

Just as Dimitri was telling her he was finished, Lacey felt the baby kick again. She looked down, and smiled as she rubbed her belly. Owen was right. They would get through this. Money might be tighter, but a family is what they both wanted. So it started a little sooner than they were expecting to, but that didn't change that they wanted to do this.

Lacey was helping Dimitri learn to walk when Owen walked in, later than yesterday. "I uhm, sold the car." She said, a bit sheepishly. It was one of those rash decision things that usually got in trouble.

Owen looked at her with a blink. "Good afternoon to you too," he said with a smirk. "I bought us a crib."

"I'm sorry I sold the car without asking." She said, looking down.

Owen just took her arm. "It's ok, we don't need it." He meant it. "I carpool to work anyways, and besides, that thing broke down more than it was worth."

"So, where did you find a crib? Did it fall off the back of a truck?" She teased as he held her hands.

"Well, I found it at a second hand store, so maybe it did, I didn't ask," he shot back. They had finally handed the toddlers back to their parents and the house was quiet for a change. Pretty soon they both knew it wouldn't be quiet. She started and he looked at her worried. "Babe?"

"Nothing," she smiled. "He kicked again." She saw the look on Owen's face. "Yes, you can."

Owen crouched down and rested his head against her growing belly, a look of wonder on his face as he listened and felt the baby inside his wife kicking up a storm. "Sounds like a future Athlete," he said, looking at her with a grin.

"Feels like one too." She winced as she straightened, trying to pop her back.

"Go on to bed, I'll clean up." He said.

She laughed again. "Will you stop sending me to bed like a child." She yawned and he gave her a look. "All right, all right I give!" She held her hands up with a smile. "Try not to rush out of the house before breakfast this time." She gave him a look.

Author's Note:

Short chapter is short, but it seemed like a good stopping point. I've actually been doing pretty well keeping up with the blog this time. Could be because this is my favorite couple. They really are that cute. I'm actually enjoying the dynamic between them.


  1. They really ARE cute, that last picture, Owen's face is precious!!

    They're going to have adorable children!!

  2. They have a tendency to produce either stunners or well. Sometimes too much of Owen's genetics get passed on and not Lacey's and especially on girls, it does not a pretty picture make.